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Concrete Scanning in New York, New York


In January of 2019, JRM Construction contacted Ground Penetrating Radar System’s (GPRS) Business Development Manager of New York City, Rhett Teller for concrete scanning in New York, NY. A future Peloton gym is under construction in Chelsea which is situated directly across from a sprawling building development known as Hudson Yards. The client provided a scope of work which consisted of scanning 130 core drilling locations on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a multi-story building. GPRS’s Project Manager, Dennis Berthold of New York City was scheduled to arrive on site late January of 2019. Upon arrival, Dennis discovered the slab consisted of waffle decking. Waffle deck is a thin, flat slab on top and consists of a thicker joist system underneath.

The Problem:

Waffle deck can create issues when core drilling. The client was concerned with hitting the joist system or ribbing underneath the waffle deck. Not to mention, the deck was reinforced with wire mesh which spaced approximately 2 inches on center. The client faced the dilemma of trying to understand where the thin sections of the slab were located along with the reinforcement. Consequently, hitting ribs while core drilling is not only time consuming, core drilling into them, can damage the structural integrity of the slab.


After a few weeks passed, our team checked in with JRM Construction to get an idea of how of the core drilling went. The representatives from JRM were completely satisfied with the work performed on their site in Chelsea. They made mention of how quickly drilling went and how Dennis paid great attention to detail, while on site performing his scans. Our scope has gone so well, that JRM has added another phase to the project to include subsurface scanning. To date, all core drilling locations were drilled without an issue, in a timely and flawless manner.

The Solution & Benefits:

The solution was for Dennis to arrive on site find and pinpoint the thin sections of the waffle slab using the StructreScan Mini XT GPR unit. Dennis did just that, in an appropriate and non-invasive manner. All markings were made in real time and GPR data was recorded daily, for report writing. It is never safe to assume that embedded objects such as conduits, rebar, and post tension cables do not exist when core drilling, saw-cutting, or chopping concrete. Contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems prior to using any of these methods on your next concrete project. Your team will save time, avoid damage, and steer clear of costly repairs. Our Project Managers are equipped with the latest and greatest technology in the industry. Pair that with our state-of-the-art training program, each of GPRS’s project managers bring unmatched skills and training to successfully complete each project. (Visit for more information).

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